To provide a safe, comfortable and a cost effective medium of commute and transportation for women and senior citizens alike, and to create an ecosystem of opportunity for underprivileged women to become self-reliant and independent by offering employment and advancement prospects.


To drive awareness and empowerment for women of all economic groups, and to deliver opportunities and direction to help them realize their aspirations and dreams; while offering a safe and convenient mode of transportation at all times of the day to all classes.

Go Pink Premium Cabs

India’s first cab service operated exclusively by women for women.

The founders of Go Pink Cabs are a group of Bangalore based home makers, who acted upon their long felt concerns for a secure and easy mode of transportation for women and senior citizens in this fast growing city.

Thus was born Go Pink, an exclusive cab service that will enable women and senior citizens to travel safely at all hours of the day (and night) without any fear, insecurities, or threat of exorbitant fares. This initiative is also empowering women from less privileged background by offering a respectable form of employment.

Go Pink Cabs is staffed exclusively by women drivers who are fluent in multiple languages, well versed in the local geographies of Bangalore, and also trained in self-defense tactics.

Our Bangalore based cab service is aimed at female students, working professionals, home makers and senior citizens. Our drivers will always offer you a helping hand during your travel with us with courtesy and patience. We offer affordable rates with discounts for pregnant women and seniors. Our cabs come equipped with standard security features such as GPS, SOS, etc.; with a central monitoring facility at Rajajinagar, with additional facilities coming up soon across the city.


*** Go Pink Premium Cabs has no branches nor franchise across India or in other countries apart from the above Bangalore Head office. Always call our office numbers for such enquirers.

*** Mile Stone: 7th Jan 2019 – Go Pink Cabs has exclusively partnered with KSTDC /KIAL to start a new journey for women commuters from Kempegowda Intl Airport in all wee hours. We are delighted to serve all the Women of India with at most respect and dignity traveling 24/7.

No more unruly auto drivers. No more hiding from the night. Reclaim your lives. Go forth. Go Pink.